2017 is going to be exciting!  I’ve been busy writing and have several project in the works.  The first project is in the Lutha Chronicles world.  If you’ve read Escaping the Lutha and fell in love with Tink and shifter Rogan, you’re going to love what they face next in Facing the Lutha!

Coming March 7th…

Escaping the Lutha
The Lutha Chronicles, Book 1

Rogan’s on the run to escape an arranged marriage within the girdack, and he’s running out of places to hide. One boot kick away from the beating of a lifetime, rescue comes in the form of a sexy-as-hell librarian lookalike. Taking refuge in the human community, Rogan begins to realize the cute little package with an eye-twitch might just be his key to escaping the Lutha.




Coming April 4th…

Facing the Lutha
The Lutha Chronicles, Book 2

Zepher’s gone missing, and Tink needs to determine why before she has another situation on her hands. The voices in her head are warning her to look deeper at her community, and what she learns isn’t good. She and Rogan haven’t yet escaped the influence of the girdack, and Zepher’s disappearance is just the beginning of the trouble waiting for them. Only one thing can possibly save her family: facing the Lutha.


Stay tuned for more announcements in the upcoming weeks!

Happy reading!