Demon Ash

Resurrection Chronicles, Book 3


The world is nothing like Mya remembers.  While in Ernisi, cities have been bombed and burned in an attempt to stop the hellhounds and the plague.  The survivors are doing everything they can to win back their world from the hell that was unleashed with the first quake.
With Drav’s help, Mya reunites with her family, but they are far from safe.  Marauders, hellhounds, and the infected are doing their best to destroy what’s left of the world, and it’s up to Mya and Drav to save it.

**Recommended for adult readers
***Book 3 of 3

Intended for mature readers due to violence (zombie deaths), and strong language (it’s the end of the world…you gotta swear at that), and some crude humor.

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  1. Ashleigh

    Please keep writing. I just finished this book and it was amazing! Such a great series and so well written! I know it was just released but have you got a ETA for the next book…. in the mean time ill start reading the Resurrection Chronicles from book 1 again 😂

    • MJHaag

      My writing partner and I are splitting the books and writing separately in an attempt to release sooner (my writing schedule is so full that I didn’t want readers to have to wait on me). Becca is hoping to release Shax’s book before spring. I’m working on Ghua’s book now and am not sure when it will be ready because I’m writing it in between my Melissa Haag projects (Fury Frayed releases Jan 23rd!). Keep on eye on my website and Facebook pages for updates. If you want to be notified when the next book releases, you can follow both of us on BookBub. They will send a release notification email to you if you’re not interested in signing up for author newsletters. 🙂


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